About Us

2 Stroke MX series

We want to bring back affordable and fun racing and it starts with 2 stroke bikes..We will offer classes for current bikes along with 2 decade groups.  There will be Pre-1997 and Pre-2007 classes offered along with a full program of veteran, womens and kids classes.  We will also welcome and have specific classes just for the non-current 4 Strokes.  

High Point Trophy

Every year  you will be eligible to win the Hansen Cup.  The rider with the most accumulated points, regardless of ability will be the winner.  You will get prizes and be awarded the Trophy by none other than Donnie "Holeshot" Hansen himself

We got you covered

Wanna have some fun, then drag your old 2 stroke out of the garage and come ride with us..MotoXroads has the parts and know how to help you get to the track.  Got a new 2 Stroke bike and tired of being lumped in the the Thumpers, we got you covered!  Wanna race bikes on more natural tracks, not outdoor SX tracks. then come ride with us....We promote wheels on the ground racing with fun, safe jumps!